Grass Fed Lamb Available Fall 2013

Lambs Grazing

Lambs graze lush pasture following spring rains.

I am taking reservations for grassfed lamb for fall of 2013. You can reserve your lamb by completing the form at this link.

When you complete the form, I will follow up to let you know where to send your $75 deposit to secure your lamb. Your deposit is a credit toward your final cost.

Your actual cost will be $4.95 per pound hanging weight. A 100 pound lamb will have a hanging weight of about 40 pounds and a cut weight (meat in your freezer) of about 25 pounds. The total cost is around $200 for the lamb.

You also pay the butcher directly $50 for processing. You will choose exactly how the lamb is cut, and can expect a mix of cuts such as roasts, steaks, stew meat and ground lamb.

The lambs will go to the meat locker in Howells, Nebraska in November or December. Pickup will be in Howells, or delivery by mutual arrangement.

This great-tasting lamb is pasture-raised and high in omega-3s. Lock in your lamb for fall delivery now – I sell out every year.

You can reserve your lamb by completing the form at this link.

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A Very Incomplete Review of 2011 in Photos

This was the sunrise in March. We were up early to load the first Thistle Root Lambs up for slaughter later that morning.

Our neighbor has a haymow full of broken straw bales. We spent a dusty couple of hours scooping some of it out for mulch.

The 2011 laying hens arrived in April. They have been laying for a few months already.

"Mmm, this green grass is good stuff." A spring 2011 lamb.

Winter sheep feed all baled up.

Peppers, eggplants, tomatoes, beans and more!

Another view of the garden early in the season.

The sheep on fresh grass.

A thistle at Thistle Root Farm.

After some early challenges with blight that we beat back, the tomatoes produced many tubs of these.

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Now Taking Reservations for 2011 Lamb

We are now taking orders for lambs that will be ready between December 2011 and February 2012. Only a limited number are available. All the details and an order form can be found here.

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Getting Work Done While It’s Cold

Much of farming is about working with the weather. That’s why I am planning on getting up and outside early tomorrow morning while it is still below freezing.

Most of this week daytime highs have been above 32 degrees and now the forecast calls for overnight lows also above 32 degrees. Tomorrow morning might be my last chance to work outside when it is below freezing.

Springtime Mud

Ruts in the mud in the spring.

Why am I so eager to work outside when it is below freezing? One word: mud.

Of course, the sun and warm weather is welcome, but the spring thaw also means that it is muddy around our place. I don’t want to make the mud any worse, but I have to use the tractor to move some hay to get ready for lambing next week. And I also need to mow some standing weeds down in the pasture before this year’s pasture growth comes on.

If I get up early and use the tractor while the ground is still frozen, I won’t tear up any more of our grass than we already have. I especially don’t want to tear up the pasture.

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Our Small Farm

Welcome to the website and blog for Thistle Root Farm, a small farm near Lyons, Nebraska. Our farm is just 12 acres, quite small for this part of the country where most people farm about 1,000 times more land.

The farm is a part-time venture, not because you can’t make a full-time job out of 12 acres of intensive production, but because we both have full-time off-farm jobs as well. We purchased the place on the last day of 2009, and in our first year we raised several grass-fed lambs and a small flock of laying hens. In 2011, we plan to add more livestock and fruit and vegetable crops.

Subscribe to the blog’s RSS feed, follow the farm on Facebook or follow Brian or Steph on Twitter to keep up with our activities.

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