A Very Incomplete Review of 2011 in Photos

This was the sunrise in March. We were up early to load the first Thistle Root Lambs up for slaughter later that morning.

Our neighbor has a haymow full of broken straw bales. We spent a dusty couple of hours scooping some of it out for mulch.

The 2011 laying hens arrived in April. They have been laying for a few months already.

"Mmm, this green grass is good stuff." A spring 2011 lamb.

Winter sheep feed all baled up.

Peppers, eggplants, tomatoes, beans and more!

Another view of the garden early in the season.

The sheep on fresh grass.

A thistle at Thistle Root Farm.

After some early challenges with blight that we beat back, the tomatoes produced many tubs of these.

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